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Wish I was here…

July 5, 2015


Just spotted this on my Twitter timeline, it’s a poster for the one-day, open-air music festival at Knebworth in 1975… 1975… Forty years ago today. I was there, with a couple of friends (and 80,000 others!)… We had a great time…

But as well as the happy memories (and see also this page) it also reminds me how much time has passed, the twists & turns and ups & downs of my life… And I can’t help but wonder what the future might hold: two months today, if I can’t find a way to pay a rent rise demanded by my landlord, I shall be homeless. At the age of 59. And I don’t know what to think about that, much less where I shall go – assuming it happens, and there’s an outside chance it may not, although I’m presently finding it very hard to be optimistic.

We are all blown by the winds of circumstance; may they blow warm and gentle through your lives. In the meanwhile, be kind to each other – we are all we’ve got.



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