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November 20, 2014

setlist_300x400As a footnote to my review of EB&TRCH, I was reminded of a recent conversation with some musician friends, when the subject of setlists came up, and why people seem so keen to launch themselves across the stage almost before the band has left after the last song, for a tatty scrap of paper.

Somebody suggested that the setlist hunter might be an aspiring musician looking for the chord changes for a particular song. I pointed out that, as an amateur reviewer of sorts, a setlist was invaluable as an aide memoire for when I came to write it up the next day. And of course, on a personal note, a setlist does make a nice souvenir of an enjoyable evening.

So I was amazed to find out that not only is there a thriving market for used setlists on eBay, but that they can fetch what I can only call silly money.

  • $43 for a setlist from The Rolling Stones 2014 Australian Tour?
  • $148 for a signed setlist from Ed Sheeran’s recent Birmingham show??
  • $5000 for a Bruce Springsteen setlist from 1985???


But you know what? I would never sell my signed setlist from Wednesday’s gig, it means too much to me to even think about putting a price tag on. They’re my friends, for heaven’s sake!

Ah well. Takes all sorts, I guess…


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